Tour de Guelph
Tour de Guelph
~ Raising Funds for international and Community Allocations, and Scholarships
Tour de Guelph is a community fundraiser cycling event organized jointly by the Foundation of the Guelph General Hospital, the Rotary Club of Guelph South and Rotary Club of Guelph Trillium. The Tour de Guelph is held on the fourth Sunday in June, and has become a much anticipated community event for serious cyclists, cycling groups, and families who just enjoy a chance to get out and ride together for an important cause.
Over 750 cyclists participate and fundraise for Tour de Guelph each year. Our members volunteer by helping to organize the event and by making the event day memorable and safe for everyone. Guelph Trillium’s volunteer efforts as part of the Tour de Guelph help our community by supporting the purchase of essential patient care equipment used at Guelph General. Guelph Trillium also receives a portion of the funds raised each year, monies which are used to help fund our club’s approved community and
international charities and projects.

In its first nine years, Tour de Guelph has raised over $850,000 for Guelph General Hospital and Rotary-supported projects and charities.


Left to right: Maneesh Jain, Al deJong, and Clarence Haverson, rode in the 2021 TdG, from Guelph to Elmira and back.