Camp Enterprise

What is the Objective of Camp Enterprise?
The Objective of Camp Enterprise is to expose, explore, and spur the student’s imagination on the whole subject of business and private enterprise.
In providing students with a broad view of professional, business and management careers, the program presents business and management as challenging positions offering enormous personal satisfaction. While allowing the individual to exercise maximum creativity, the program at the same time emphasizes obligations to serve and contribute in the community.
What Topics are Covered in Camp Enterprise?
  • Presentation on starting a business.
  • Presentation and discussion exercise on planning and team building in business and life.
  • The acting out of an educational and enjoyable, business game.
  • Presentation of the fundamentals of the free enterprise system.
  • Participatory labor and management agreement negotiations.
  • A presentation on communications and financing.
  • A presentation on business ethics.
  • Marketing and branding presentation.
  • Who Can Attend Camp Enterprise?
    Up to 64 students from grade 11 and 12, from local secondary schools within the local Rotary Clubs jurisdiction are hosted by the Camp.
  • Who Runs Camp Enterprise?
    Rotary district 7080 Camp Enterprise is run each spring by 5 Rotary clubs in the Golden Triangle area (Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, Fergus, and Elora)
  • What Are The Facilities?
    Camp Enterprise is located at The University of Waterloo, in the Ron Eydt Centre. All sleeping accommodations are chaperoned by Rotarians.
  • What Is The Cost?
    Supported by the Rotary Clubs of the area, there is no cost to students or schools. The cost to participating Rotary Clubs is about $350 per student. All presenters and Rotarians volunteer their time and skills.